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Sharex at a Glance
Highly versatile, patented technologies. Key advantages:
- Formulation flexibility
- Ease of administration
- Precise onset of drug release
- Controlled drug delivery
- Stability
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Sharex Laboratories was established in 1962 by two young and energetic Pharmacists with a merge capital of RS. 1,00,000/- (US $ 10,000) only. The main objective was to manufacture and market products commonly required by people at moderate prices with excellent quality. As a result of our intensive efforts, we have been growing steadily and have established a prominent position in Pharmaceutical Industry in Pakistan. Now our authorised capital is RS. 2,00,00,000.00 ( US $ 20,00,000) and our position among Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers is 15th (Investment and Sales-wise) excluding 24 multinational joint ventures. 

 At present, we are marketing 54 registered products which are enjoying excellent sales in Pakistan. However, to take advantage of international research in pharmaceuticals, we are keeping close contacts with the prominent pharmaceuticals companies throughout the world and are going to introduce some latest research products in Pakistan shortly. 

Company's The Pharmaceutical Industry in Pakistan is facing a number of difficult problems such as intensification of governmental regulations, increase in developmental cost, period for registration of new drugs and strict price control. Sharex is determined to overcome these difficulties and to contribute towards the betterment in the health and welfare of mankind.